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BRDisc 1BR1: The MorrowBR2: God's HandsBR3: The One MomentBR4: TracesBR5: The ArrivalBR6: Becoming JeromeBR7: Call Me EugeneBR8: A Borrowed LadderBR9: Further And FurtherBR10: Not the Only OneBR11: Second MorrowBR12: Impromptu For 12 Fingers (From Schubert's 'Impromptu In G flat Major Op. 90 No. 3)BR13: The CrossingBR14: It Must Be The LightBR15: Only A Matter Of TimeBR16: I Thought You Wanted To DanceBR17: Irene's ThemeBR18: Yourself For The DayBR19: Up StairsBR20: Now That You're HereBR21: The TruthBR22: The Other SideBR23: The DepartureBR24: Irene & The Morrow